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  • Harold Carmichael Harold Carmichael Mar 24, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    Need to discuss h2h vs. roto

    I would not recommend H2H. I've played all types.

    There is one strong reason that basically ruins H2H leagues: luck.

    Over the course of a season, the stronger managers/drafters will lead the league. Then you get to the playoffs. One week dictates your entire season.

    As a test, I competed in a H2H league this year. I checked my team once per month - no more. I squeaked into the playoffs as the lowest seed. This week, I faced the team with Rinne/Halak as his goalies. He dominated all season. If you know how these goalies are playing this week, then you'll realize that I am going to the finals and he is not. A guy basically checked his team 6-7 times all season and then paid attention in the playoffs is going to beat a team that is much better. I might win this league and I don't deserve it. The other managers are good and paid attention.

    If you like to win by pure luck, go with H2H. If you want the best managers to win, use Rotisserie or Points leagues.


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