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  • winbills winbills Mar 21, 2012 12:55 AM Flag

    what is with the lame ass tie breaker

    i lost 3-6 for the record! however head to head record is the main tie breaker over season record??????? it is totally 100% backwards

    flip flop the 2 yahoo, it only makes sense..........if the eagles and giants both made the playoffs and the giants beat the eagles twice during the season but the eagles have a better regular season record, if they played each other in the playoffs, guess where that game is going to be played?????...it aint gonna be new jersey

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    • Yeah, but if giants and eagles were tied in the standings, it would go to head to head record. Having a difference in the standings isn't the same thing.

      That being said, these tiebreakers are ridiculous. I don't know when it changed from goals, but basing playoffs on the regular season defeats the purpose of having playoffs. While it's tough to choose one category over the other, goals at least is the most positive stat. Yahoo doesn't include it in their categories, but something like total points would also make a better tiebreaker.