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    New Salary Cap Keeper has 2 spots

    We have 10 mgrs and need 1 for sure and maybe 2.
    This will be a head/head league with a 21 player roster and
    also a 10 player minor league roster. We plan on starting a
    "slow" draft after we get everybody in, to fill these two rosters. Each round has a value attached to it. Like $15 for round 1, $14 for round 2, $12 for round 3 etc. $100 cap. Contracts for 1-5 yrs.Auction on expiring contracts.
    You must be able to
    check in regularly over the next few weeks while we do
    these two drafts. If you can't...please pass. We have a Yahoo
    Group set up as a year-round home. There are files to explain
    our set-up and your team roster will be there along with every-
    body elses. We will do the regular season in Yahoo. Lord willing.
    My e-mail is astros11111111111@yahoo.com


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