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  • Charlie Spencer Charlie Spencer Jan 20, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    Hello?? Who would trade for Crosby

    I can't believe the commissioner is allowing a trade for Crosby. First of all he's has been out with a concussion and there is probably very little chance he may return. You shouldn't be allowed to trade a guy from the IR unless there is some type of back door dealings nobody know about unless the 2 teams in this trade. I run my own league and no way would I allow this. The other managers would be questioning this trade. Something smells really wrong about this trade????

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    • Well I have traded for him but only in my keeper leagues, if it is just a 1yr then if someone else wants to take the risk it is up to them but in a couple weeks he may be put on long term IR so he wont play for sure the rest of this season. At that point I believe you should be able to drop him. But noone should trade him but if someone wants to take the risk and trade for him now I wouldn't be worried I have him in my 1yr league hoping someone does want him.... but I am also not sure I would trade him because the odds are bad but if he did come back he showed he is still the best player in the league if he stays healthy.

    • he hasn't done anything to this point, and season is almost half way i see him playing again but the team will probably (craddle him) so the question is is someone dumb enough to trade for him.....I would'nt want him!!!!

    • if it was a keeper, yes, trade for him

    • I traded him to my commissioner last week. If your team is in bad shape this season why not trade for him? It can't hurt you and if he comes back next year you look like a genius.

      Sorry, just not seeing the problem with it.

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      • sexygoalscoringmaster sexygoalscoringmaster Jan 21, 2012 10:07 AM Flag

        Yeah I can see a few reasons for either side to make a Crosby trade. I'd probably sell him pretty cheap in a non keeper league: he's doing me absolutely no good on the bench, and if I'm in good position to make the playoffs, why not trade him for a couple players you at least know will actually play. I can also see trading for him if your team isn't doing so hot. You really don't have much to lose and if he comes back in a big way, then you might be able to push for a playoff spot.

    • Anybody at this point just to get rid of him. I had him on one of my teams, and I dropped figuring nobody would want him after the first return and being sidelined again.


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