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  • have you guys experienced any cheating in your leagues? it's my first time running a league and so far i've seen a manager make some questionable trades. is it collusion? you guys help me decide.

    here are the trades he's made so far:
    seabrook and a 9th for leopold and a 2nd
    briere and an 8th for marchand and a 3rd
    gaborik and a 9th for lupul and a 2nd

    i gotta say that the first two is mildly lopsided but the third is just ridiculous. what do you guys think? i'm about to lock the teams involved while i find a replacement..

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    • no collusion whatsoever.
      if you started seeing trades like..
      J. Leopold and 9th round pick for Drew Doughty 2nd round pick.. that's a different story. However, Gabby and 9th for Lupol and 2nd could go either way. A lot of people think he'll miraculously hold this pace for the rest of the season, then again, if Gabby stays healthy he's the obvious favorite in this trade. and just think.. getting the 9th round pick was probably when Lupol was drafted in this season. the draft pick is almost useless .. Semin went what.. 3rd round this year? ... vs. Seguin/Lupol/Versteeg/Weiss/Flash who either went late or not drafted at all.. just kind of paints the image that well.. take away the draft pick because it doesn't decide how well you do next season.

    • The third trade looks weird. Someone gets Lupol and a 2nd round pick for Gaborik and a 9th?

      Looks to me that the guy giving up the 2nd and 3rd round picks knows he won't be in the league next year so he's giving his picks to a friend.

    • One guy is giving more proven guys for draft picks. Multi year I take Marchand over Briere anyway. Seabrook is a Defensive D last years output was not his norm, sure leopold is not offensive either, but can do 30. Lupul for Gabby is sad. Lupul is not this good, plus he is known to get hurt. Though if you look the guy severely upgraded his draft, so there is logic there. Not worth locking at all.

    • Looks viable to me. No cheating

    • I don't see any cheating. Lupol has more points than Gabby. That might be a brilliant move plus he gets a great draft next year. It seems to me the guy has a lot of balls.

    • Assuming this is actually going to be a multi-year league, it seems the guy is just throwing in the towel early and prepping for next year. In that case they're actually pretty fair trades (depending on my position/whether I'm going for the win this year, I'd accept either side of the trade)

      Are all the trades with the same team? If so, then it's a little fishy (very little), but not proof of collusion.

    • Sorry, if you can lock the teams you must be the commisioner. Let all rules and setting go to a vote and impliment at the start of a week not in the middle. Then the league quality rest with the managers. You can still boot inactives.

    • Change the settingin your league. Have the managers mange trades by setting it to a vote. Let the managers decide about the rule change first. If your not the commisoner and he won't allow a vote GET OUT OF THE LEAgue.

    • collusion isn't hard to spot: one of the traders will be at the bottom of the league and inactive. if he's still active and has made other recent moves to try to improve his team...can't be collusion.

      questionable trades does not mean collusion, and those trades aren't even that bad.
      let em trade, and let it go.


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