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  • Andrew Andrew Nov 14, 2011 10:37 PM Flag

    Trade proposed to me

    12 team H2H all normal scoring and settings

    I am in first place and the guy in second place offered me this

    Patrick Elias

    Milan Hejduk (Who he just grabbed off of FA he dropped Allfie for him)


    Michael Ryder

    Jimmy Howard

    He needs goalies badly as he has Lehtonen and Roloson as his only two but my goalies are Thomas, Howard and Rask so there better but losing any one of them would put me in a bad position especially Howard .

    Obviously he is trying to rip me off or hope I am stupid enough to take this deal especially since he just picked up Hejduk of off FA which I could have done if I wanted too so I am not accepting but I was gonna counter with this

    I get

    Drew Doughty

    Ryan Clowe

    I give

    Alexandre Burrows

    Michael Ryder

    So yeah should I counter with that or not and or is there something else I should counter with

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