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  • luvhockey59 luvhockey59 Nov 7, 2011 11:28 AM Flag

    'Maximum Games'...Wtf with this feature?

    This is my 2nd year doing this and this feature still haunts me. Last season (my 1st year) doing this I didn't even know it existed and with a few weeks left in the season I stopped accumulating points because I went past my maximum games. Now I look at it everyday and it drives me freaking crazy because on most positions I'm past the maximum projected games. I don't understand how many days I have no player's teams playing, but I'm still above the maximum projected.

    Why even have this feature? I have checked all the teams in my league and everyone is above the maximum projected.

    How do I get this come down...Do I have to bench players who's team is playing to get it down?

    This feature is ridiculous IMO.

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    • Commish should be able to change this feature, I just don't know if it can be switched after the season starts.

      Purpose is to make it more challenging and tries to put more emphasis on match-ups. Some players you play every game, but others you may only start against certain teams. For instance, you do not start a third line player with limited upside against say Boston or Philly, but you might start them against the Jets or Blue Jackets or if they are on a hot streak.

      Not a big fan myself, but still play in a couple of Roto Leagues with that feature.

      Here are some suggestions. Remember the following...

      Negatives are good.

      Played is obvious. Remaining is obvious too. Projected is how many games will be used with your current squad. The number in brackets indicates if you are ahead or behind in position use. And Max should be obvious as well.

      Try to keep Projected lower than Remaining.

      Try to save more games for later in the year when you know which categories you need to improve.

      As long as your plus numbers are lower than everyone else's, they will run out of positions before you do.

      Just my honest opinion...

      Honest Scott

    • Greatest Championship History™ Greatest Championship History™ Nov 7, 2011 5:36 PM Flag

      The thing here is careful who you sit and who you start. Yahoo standard settings may have given us unlimited moves (to add and drop) but the Max games is what limits and control the possible massive hysteria of streaming!
      The trick here is be on the same level of number of games played with the other teams in your league.

    • I think the max games rule is dumb. We play with a max moves instead it stops people from constantly adding dropping players to fill there teams every nite. Why draft a full team if you only play half of them due to max games?? We have 40 moves for the season.

    • why? pretty simple.
      because without it you'd have an orgy of streaming. where the number of players you start--no matter how shitty they are--beats quality. no thanks. I'll take max. games and quality players.

      that said, max games are easier to manage in baseball, where every team plays pretty much every day.
      hockey has unbalanced scheduling, which can screw up your max games. but all you gotta do is stop subbing in your bench guys, it'll come down.


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