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  • Mark S Mark S Nov 14, 2011 4:59 PM Flag

    Draft Pick Trades

    Still a little unsure of how this works... Anyone else?

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    • I commish a keeper league and I allow the trading of picks, in this manner:
      - i set trade review to 'commissioner review' so that I can monitor how the picks are traded and whether they are traded properly
      - It's a 12 team league with 23 player rosters
      - 12 players are designated as keepers, meaning that drafts in future years will be 11 rounds long.
      - This means that there are 11 rounds of picks that can be traded
      - However, because the first 12 rounds are assigned for keepers, the 1st round pick is actually the 13th, the 2nd is the 14th, and so on.
      -if you trade a pick, you have to get one back to keep the # of picks even.
      -in my pool, you have no choice but to keep 12 players, no more, no less. Its probably the same in your pool, but you'd have to ask your commish.

      Hope this helps

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      • To be a bit more clear, the reason Yahoo lists all 10 rounds of picks as available to trade is because Yahoo cant distinguish between how many players you will keep. It's up to you to ensure you don't trade the first 5 picks, and its up to the commish to ensure people aren't trading the wrong picks


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