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  • Howard Howard Oct 5, 2011 10:08 PM Flag

    Zajac to IR..get on it Yahoo


    Yahoo's method doesn't make a whole lot of sense, they've even put the news of him on IR on the player description (from rotowire), yet they have to wait for the team's website to put two ** next to his name at the roster page...

    What if the Devils never do that, I mean is there a rule from NHL saying they HAVE TO put two ** on their website for a player to count as IR, don't think so.

    Anyways...is there anyone we can talk to from Yahoo about this?


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    • Yeah, in the past it's been really hit or miss for when they put players on IR. Luckily, the season kicks off tomorrow and I too have Zajac choking up an unnecessary roster spot. Hopefully we'll all get lucky.

    • well unfortunately rotowire isnt the nhl.

      and even though yahoo imports their notes from rotowire it doesnt mean that they will make changes based on what a website says.

      its like yahoo placed a guy on IR because someone blogged about it

      its been this way for years & it wont be changed. myself & others have emailed yahoo in the passed.


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