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  • Alan F Alan F Oct 3, 2011 9:57 PM Flag

    Great $100 leagues, H2H points, Roto

    Bettman Sucks Fantasy Hockey Leagues are back for yet another season. Here`s the sign up info ... go in and check out the settings ... and feel free to ask around within the league as there are many returning managers who also play in my football and baseball leagues, until you feel comfortable that the league you are joining is legit and that you will not regret joining ... unless of course you draft crappy players and finish last --but that will be on you ;)

    Password for all leagues: billy. All draft times are eastern. Leagues are $100 for an entry.
    ALL leagues will have 12 teams MAX. NO MORE. When you sign in, you may be be the 8th or 18th team in the league ... that does not matter. The league closes when 12 payments are received and then the extra teams will be deleted.

    Bettman Sucks V, League # 34953, H2H Points,Wed Oct 5 9:00 pm
    Bettman Sucks VI, League # 46937, Rotisserie, Thurs Oct 6, 9pm

    Any questions ... email me at the 2 addresses I use for fantasy hockey:


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