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  • hassan.ch97 hassan.ch97 Sep 28, 2011 5:52 PM Flag

    Keeper league, Unique exciting format

    League ID#: 8474 Password: 2011
    League in it's third year (Formerly "Drive for 25"). Unique format and competitive. Dedicated and active managers required.

    2 spots left. Draft on Sunday at 6.30 PM Eastern!

    #1 Draft attendance mandatory. Penalty for auto picking managers: You lose your first selection and team with best record after 4 weeks gets that player. (Penalty can be avoided if commissioner is notified for a valid reason 24 hours in advance). Also, inactive teams will be penalized and deleted if necessary.

    #2 Each week, the winner of the head to head match up will have the right to STEAL one player from his/her losing opponent's roster. You must give him one of your players of the same position (LW for LW, i.e. Ovechkin for Ruutu).

    #3 In case you lose the head to head match up, you will have the right to PROTECT any 4 players of your choice on your roster. Protected players cannot be stolen and can be updated once a week (Deadline Sunday Midnight) Protected players must be mentioned in the TEAM SLOGAN; if none is protected then your top 4 picks will be automatically protected.

    #4 Returning managers next year will have the right to KEEP any 6 of their players from this season.

    It's hard to find old topics here, so please email me directly if you have any questions or feedback. Hassan.ch97@yahoo.ca

    I'm a fair, friendly and involved commissioner. So join in, Have fun, stay active and this will be a great season and hopefully beyond that :)

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