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  • Joe Joe Sep 28, 2011 3:28 PM Flag

    3 openings - 4th year Franchise Hockey League

    I run a Franchise Hockey league, which is currently in it's 4th year.
    The basic format is that everyone started with all of the players form 2 real NHl teams and you keep you're entire end-of-the-year roster from year to year.

    You have the rights to every player from one of your 2 NHL teams that are on waivers. The only players that ANY team can pick up are players form one of their 2 NHL teams.

    Trading is allowed and encouraged, and after you trade for a player, you retain his rights for as long as you like provided that you never drop him to waivers (at which point he would become the property of his original team).

    For example, I won the Det/Fla franchise and I traded for Kovalchuk during year 1. I've never dropped him to waivers or traded him, so he is still mine 3 years later.

    We have plenty of roster spots, so that space will not be an issue.

    It's a pretty simple concept once you get the hang of it, and it's a lot of fun.

    I'm looking for 3 ACTIVE managers to fill the league. I'm trying to keep the league as active and engaging as possible and I'm never shy about removing managers for inactivity.

    The open teams are:
    New York Rangers/Minnesota

    Of course the rosters are a bit tweaked due to 3 years of trading and what not.

    Please post a reply here if you're interested or email me at: lorioj@hotmail.com

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