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  • Anthony Anthony Sep 23, 2011 4:50 PM Flag

    New Unique League

    International GM (IGM) is a new Multi-Sport concept that allows you to play the teams and sports you want to play. Essentially, it operates as a union of leagues across baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer. There will be champions for each sport (which they receive points for that sports' Invitational) plus a Multi-Sport championship. Outside of a couple teams such as Barcelona, Man-U, and the Phillipines - you don't have to pick all of the teams from a city.

    It is based on the rules of all of the advanced, full-sized, contract leagues at ProFSL. You can participate in Multi-Sport trading as well. Salary caps are variable based on that city/country/team's contribution to that sport worldwide. For instance, Toronto, Montreal, New York (Rangers), and Moscow have high caps in IGM NHL. Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Czech Republic, and Espoo (Finald) have okay caps whereas France, Italy, Green Bay, and Belgrade have lower caps.

    The league will initially be scored on Fantrax until its move to ProFSL. The immediate need is to fill at least 20 spots in the INHL league (plus the INFL league). We currently have 8 spots filled, but need people to join the league. The recruiting center is working hard on bring new people to ProFSL to try this league out, but the interest is low due to the complex theme of the league. Several ProFSL veterans are working together on this league to administer it per my consultation.

    I would like you to check out the rules and consider joining. Sign up for an available INFL team and give your Fantrax ID. We have everything loaded right now for football. Also feel free to join other sports. This could be a great contracts league at ProFSL.

    Email me at theguags@yahoo.com

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