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  • Ardo Ardo Sep 21, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    16-team league - too deep for GKs?

    Because of how ridiculously fun it is to have a really deep league where lots of sleepers and lesser-known skaters become important, we decided to expand our 14-team h2h league to a 16-team league this year. Our big concern, though, is that teams will be screwed when it comes to GKs.

    Does anyone have experience w/ leagues that have 16+ teams that could shed a little light on what we can expect? GKs only count for 4 of 10 stats in our league as normal, but we're worried that some teams will get screwed and not even be able to get 2-3 starts per week, or get stuck starting Devan Dubnyk all year long...

    Would reducing it from 2 starting GK spots to 1 help? Or reducing it from 3 minimum starts per week to 2? Or is 16 teams just a little too deep for a hockey league...

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