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  • Jason Jason Sep 20, 2011 5:11 PM Flag

    Keeper League Confusion

    I have a few questions regarding drafting and trading draft picks in a keeper league:

    1. If I choose to have 6 keepers out of a 22 man roster, can those players be removed from the draft the following year, automatically assigned to their respective teams prior to the draft and thus we only draft 16 players each? Basically, "Keep a player, lose a draft pick" according to http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/sports/fantasysports/hockey/drafts/hockey-114.html.

    2. Alternatively, how would it work if we "Keep any player you want"? We would then be drafting 22 players again, in addition to those 6 keepers?

    3. If we go by the "Keep a player, lose a draft pick", which draft picks are then lost? Does the commissioner assign 6 keepers to each team in any given round he sees fit, or do they all get assigned in the first or last 6 rounds? I ask this because we are able to trade 22 draft picks, however logically speaking we should only be able to trade 16.

    I hope I'm making myself understandable, I am very confused about this entire process and would appreciate some help.

    Thank you!


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