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  • Max Max Sep 6, 2011 4:24 PM Flag

    New Elite 12 team keeper league!!

    Hi, I'm looking for the best managers to have a competitive league. I'd like every body to be active and have fun!

    Mail to catcher_jul@hotmail.com if interested;)

    Here are the settings for this new league:

    Draft is october 3 at 19h30 ET and maybe the rule for the draft will change (like the last pick first) depends on what players want

    - No division, 8 best teams make the playoffs
    - Order for the first year draft will be randomly decided by yahoo
    - Other years draft will be decided with last year standings, but the higher you finish, the higher you draft (If you finish 1st, you draft 1st) Its only to make people try to have the best team even when they are eliminated.
    - New trade draft pick is allowed
    - You must take care of your team and try to have the best team possible. People who are inactive will be replaced cause we want to have a funny league with devoted managers.
    - Each year, you will be able to keep 15 players (no position requirements) from your team that will count 26 players

    3 Centers
    3 Left Wingers
    3 Right wingers
    5 defensemen
    1 Forward
    1 Utility
    1 Winger
    2 Goalies
    3 Injury reserve
    7 Bench players

    Maximum teams in league: 12
    Live Draft Pick Time: 1:30
    Type of scoring: Head-to-Head (8 player's category and 4 goalie's category)
    Maximum player acquisitions for entire season: No maximum

    Maximum trades for entire season: No maximum

    Time managers have to protest pending trades: day2

    Last date to trade player: 2012 March 8

    Allow draft pick trades:Yes

    Time players are on waivers: day2
    Determine waiver priority by: Continual rolling list
    Can't Cut list provider? None

    Trades reviewed by: League Votes
    After draft, make all unowned players: Free Agents
    Minimum goaltender appearances per team per week: 3
    Allow roster changes:Daily - Tomorrow
    Start League scoring in: Week 1 (Oct 6)
    Maximum player acquisitions per week: 4
    Playoff Weeks: Week 23, 24 and 25 (8 teams)
    Lock Eliminated Teams: No

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