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  • Parker Parker Aug 28, 2011 7:20 AM Flag

    Looking to join a keeper league

    Hi guys im looking to join a keeper league ive never been in one before but really wanna get into it!

    Dont be scared by a guy from the UK!

    Hit me up if you need a guy!

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    • contact YIM: marknhammy1

    • 1st yr league has openings h2h and 6x6 scoring.you keep 7 players one of which has to be a dman.if your serious and play to win get involved.id# is 10705 password is stanley.

    • Look what I have to offer, first year, I created it a couple of days ago and I don't take every people that want to join. It will be a nice league for years to come;)

      Mail me to catcher_jul@hotmail.com if those settings are what you want;) Competitive league on his way

      Here are the settings for this 12 teams league

      - No division, 8 best teams make the playoffs
      - Order for the first year draft will be randomly decided by yahoo
      - Other years draft will be decided with last year standings, but the higher you finish, the higher you draft (If you finish 1st, you draft 1st) Its only to make people try to have the best team even when they are eliminated.
      - New trade draft pick is allowed
      - You must take care of your team and try to have the best team possible. People who are inactive will be replaced cause we want to have a funny league with devoted managers.
      - Each year, you will be able to keep 15 players (no position requirements) from your team that will count 26 players


      3 Centers
      3 Left Wingers
      3 Right wingers
      5 defensemen
      1 Forward
      1 Utility
      1 Winger
      2 Goalies
      3 Injury reserve
      7 Bench players


      Maximum teams in league: 12

      Live Draft Pick Time: 1:30

      Type of scoring: Head-to-Head (8 player's category and 4 goalie's category)

      Maximum player acquisitions for entire season: No maximum

      Maximum trades for entire season: No maximum

      Time managers have to protest pending trades: day2

      Last date to trade player: 2012 March 8

      Allow draft pick trades:Yes

      Time players are on waivers: day2

      Determine waiver priority by: Continual rolling list

      Can't Cut list provider? None

      Trades reviewed by: League Votes

      After draft, make all unowned players: Free Agents

      Minimum goaltender appearances per team per week: 3

      Allow roster changes:Daily - Tomorrow

      Start League scoring in: Week 1 (Oct 6)

      Maximum player acquisitions per week: 4

      Playoff Weeks: Week 23, 24 and 25 (8 teams)

      Lock Eliminated Teams: No

      Divisions: No

    • Hi, I have 2 first year keeper leagues. Both are 12 team leagues. One is a points based league and the other is a head to head points league. 15 man roster with one keeper at each position. winner of both leagues will be awarded 2 additional keeper picks for the following season. Need managers in both. ID and passwords below.

      Points league id is 6227 and password is sniper.
      head to head league id is 6314 and password is enforcer. Hope to see you there.


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