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  • Anthony Anthony Jun 6, 2011 12:47 PM Flag

    New expansion keeper league

    Cory Audette (gunslinger2002) probably just has a hard on for my leagues because they are much better than his leagues and are profitable for me. He has spammed my messages many times saying they are scams even though I tell the truth about everything. He's probably very bitter and envious because he stocks shelves at a supermarket for a living :o

    I asked him twice to please stop spamming my messages and he refuses to stop - his next message may result in a virus that he was already given notice about if he doesn't stop.

    The fact of the matter is... I DO SPEAK THE TRUTH.

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    • Are you girls done? :) Have to say though that your league's site looks intriguing, seems to be good work. But please spare us your personal feuds. And hey - I worked at a supermarket as well during my studies! So another man's feelings are hurt ;)

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      • I don't have to resort to making fantasy leagues where I collect $1000, dont even participate in said league, and then only offer a prize of $200 for winning. I never said your site isn't good, but how is it fair to keep $800 dollars profit for yourself? I say all this because we both agree that the truth is important. As far as being envious (get real). I would much rather create a league on yahoo/ proboards, if it meant I didnt have to keep $800 of the $1000 I got in entry fees. Your AFHL league lost half of its managers because you jacked up the Fee w/o raising the prize winnings. It's clear all you care about is the money.


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