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  • Anthony Anthony May 27, 2011 10:22 PM Flag

    Amazing Fantasy League Hiring NEW GMs

    Check out the AFHL (Amazing Fantasy Hockey League) at www.theafhl.com

    I'm the commish of this league and we're currently going into our third keeper season. This league truly is amazing and I'm very selective as to who to hire as a New/Replacement GM.

    Looking for GMs who are active and like to participate. EX: posting messages (league message board discussions).

    Some of our current GMs need to be replaced so this is a huge opportunity to join the greatest fantasy hockey keeper league on the net.

    Go to theafhl.com and click on the 'Join AFHL' link and fill out the application to join.

    Any questions feel free to email me at acfurino@yahoo.com

    (BTW - I found your email address on a hockey message board if youre wondering)


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    • The reason this league has openings is because commish raised league fee, w/o raising cash prizes. He lost over half his league because he only offers $100 + cheap trophy (he says costs $100, but doubtful) and he collects $500 in league entry fees. He pockets approx 80% of the profit from league fees!!

      Copied from AFHL website messageboard(See below) .

      If we feel anthony profits too much, or its too rich for us, etc, then we leave. I think this is borderline reasonable this year because he's telling us he's about to revamp it which takes time but I don't think personally I'd pay more going forward unless prize money goes up or we add 2nd and 3rd place finishers get payout too.

    • Very interested in joining, are you still looking for GM's?

      Thanks, Ryan

    • Fill out an application and I'll see what I can do.


    • I'm from the Montreal area and I see that there's already a MTL team. What are my options if I'm really interested in the AFHL? thank you!



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