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  • Rocketman9 Rocketman9 Apr 8, 2011 4:14 PM Flag

    1 week H2H final is bogus

    Well put

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    • I think 2 weeks is where it should be because its the FINAL. As far as whether all players are available in the last week, thats irrelevant. Ill take my chances with 2 week and make moves to compensate if players go down. The other point is that with 2 weeks in a final, there is less chance of a "fluky" win.

      And last, I didnt read the fine print because i didnt realize that yahoo had changed the settings. I was away last year so didnt participate. I guess thats when they changed the setting. Otherwise its always been 2 weeks for the final.

      ps. ever ask yourself why yahoo allows rotesserie pools to go to the end of the nhl season but end H2H early? wheres the consistency in that?

      Sorry Chris but i dont buy your argument.
      Ive been doing this for awhile. check my profile. my record speaks for itself


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