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  • Rocketman9 Rocketman9 Apr 6, 2011 2:47 PM Flag

    1 week H2H final is bogus

    Everyone else only plays one week. Boo freakin hoo. It is the same thing in the regular season, you could run into teams who have way less man games then you and you end up crushing them and finish higher in the standings. It could all end up being luck of the draw, what happens if most of your players are on teams like the flames who only have 5 games in their last two weeks, that happens too. 1 week isn't going to prove anything more than 2 weeks is.

    You needing a few more days to catch up merely means that his team is obviously better than yours. You're not the first person that has been a victim of this and you won't be the last.

    Anyone can have a better team on paper and still come out and lose any given week / game. Ask the Red Wings after they lost 10-3 to the Blues.

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    • you still dont get it. Ill repeat for the last time: Whats the point of ending the H2H playoffs one week before the nhl season is over??
      Wheres the logic in that? Last time i checked, a full season contains 82 games not 78 or 79.

      And fyi, my opponent also agreed with me that he would have wanted the finals to last 2 weeks

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      • the point of ending 1 week early is, in the nhl playoff teams usually rest their best players so that they can be ready for the playoffs, so that means a lot teams in fantasy hockey will have their best players not playing which will end up affecting their match-ups. the fact is when yahoo had the finals 2 weeks long, people would complain that they lost only because so and so was resting for the playoffs.


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