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  • Cory A. Cory A. Mar 31, 2011 3:15 AM Flag

    Help plz ( choose my keeper)

    I'm up next, my 1st round pick (6th overall) in a keeper draft and I've decided to pick a goalie. (d. sedin, ovy, crosby, stamkos are gone and pick 5 might go goalie but not sure.

    Who would you pick as a keeper league foundation?

    Lou (he might be gone at pick 5) i pick 6th btw
    Rinne (Has Lou like numbers and 3 yrs. younger)

    If Lou is gone who would you pick? I'm thinking lundqvist, but thats just me

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    • If your keen on choosing a goalie, Luongo if he's still available, if not, Lundqvist.

      However, I'd probably consider more Henrik Sedin or Corey Perry.

    • Essentially you'll only get one all-star. Goalies don't often fall through the cracks in terms of best-of-the-best. There are some good forwards/d-men who might get over-looked. It depends a lot on the scoring of the league. In my league goalie stats account for 4 of 10 categories making keepers a valuable asset. With only 2 goalie positions in my league that means 3-4 of my roster players (goalies) account for 40% of my points. If your league is similar i recommend taking a goalie for sure. Lou is fairly consistent, you can rely on him to do decent, and vancouver is on a tear, hopefully they'll keep it up next year. I would not pick Rinne, he is still young and quite good but nashville is streaky and your win count plus goals against might suffer. I would pick fluery likely because he is a for sure starting goalie playing for a consistently hot team (assuming their 3 top players don't get injured again).

    • Did i mention that its a 20 tm league? I don't pick again till 35th overall. So I don't really want lets say Corey perry, but then get stuck with a Pavalec or Lethonen starting goalie.

    • 6th is far too early to pick up a goalie. I am currently in a 12 team keeper league and I have 10th overall pick and got Luongo then, but you are still at a point where you can get a top forward, I would look for a guy like Perry, you should be able to get a decent goalie when you're up in rd 2

    • Not sure your league is scored, but picking a goalie is nuts. I'd look at a Toews, Perry, Malkin, Parise, even Staal or J Carter before I even worry about a goalie


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