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  • Mike Fantauzzi Mike Fantauzzi Mar 22, 2011 1:56 AM Flag

    Goalie keeper.?.?.?

    Your concerns about all 3 are valid.

    Thomas will be 37 when next season kicks off. So even with his great season this year, it's tough to rely on him as your only goalie keeper. That being said, if there are 12 teams and each only keeps 1 goalie, there are bound to be some solid G's available in the draft, so keeping TT and hoping to land a secondary guy to back him up might be not such a bad deal.

    If you don't wanna go that route I would wait and see how the season plays out. If Hiller comes back and looks good I would definitley keep him, however if he struggles or doesn't come back at all Halak might be your best bet. St Louis had a round 2nd half, but should be a little better next year.

    I'm assuming you have until this summer to make the call, if not it will be a much harder choice.

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