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  • Jay Jay Mar 5, 2011 4:00 PM Flag

    I veto'd this trade.

    In all honesty, In a keeper leauge, I think player one has a slight edge anyways. Kane is better than Perry, and people are underestimating Ellis. With this bizzare "injury" Hiller has, they are going to be extra careful with him going forward, and expect to see Ellis to get the majority of the starts this year, and anything can happen next year.

    • vetoes suck...there are good trades and bad ones...why does it have to be fair according to what others think is fair???...you take the fun away of trading and pulling off a steal...it happens in the real world so why not in fantasy? just becuz it sucks to be you? becuz you feel it will hurt your chances?...the only trades that should be vetoed are those detrimental to league interest, sort of like a Crosby for 2 or 3 bums...aside from that let it ride...just becuz you aren't the beneficiary doesn't mean it's should be vetoed...it kills leagues becuz it stiffles the creativity, astuteness of the good GM's, it kills leagues becuz when vetoes are done like in this case, those vetoes then have the feeling they have been had and thus will at their turn veto other trades out of revenge...i've seen it happen...as far as i'm concerned those who veto trades are a bunch of crybabies and losers...


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