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  • J.J. J.J. Feb 6, 2011 4:59 PM Flag

    Drop Staal?

    Should I drop Jordan Staal? I'm thinking its too late for him. He isn't getting me very many points.(Its not a keeper league)

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    Brendan Morrison

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    • I would keep him. I actually have him and have no intention of dropping him. Sure one of those players mentioned might provide more points over the next few weeks but I would be surprised if Staal is not the best player listed in this thread for the rest of the season. With Malkin out for the year and Crosby out indefinitely, Staal will be given every opportunity to put up points. Its usually not a good idea to drop a first line center who sees PP time as well.

    • Purcell's been helping out TB a whole lot too, on most of the lines.

      I had Grabovski, but traded him. I like his output of G's, but I'm sitting on both Sedin's and needed some other categories.

    • I'm in the same boat. I was so excited he was back out on the ice and he started producing pretty quick so I brought him on my team. He hasn't done much but I think he will be worth holding on to. With Malkin out and Crosby's return date still unknown he is going to need to create some serious offense and I hope to reap the benefits of it.

    • I dunno about Downie unless you really need PIMs, but it's always dumb to pick a guy up long-term just based on PIMs when you can just spot-start guys like Konopka and Prust for that (I got 114 PIMs last week thanks to Konopka, Prust, McQuaid, etc.)

      if anyone out of that list I'd take Grabovski but you're probably a little late there - he's cooling off. Marchand is on fire but he's rated so high thanks to a +16... how many Bruins are really going to end the season with a +16? and can he really keep up that scoring pace on a defensive-oriented team? maybe keep an eye on Purcell - he's been pretty damn good since he was scratched last week so see if he keeps logging all that PP time and he could be the guy to grab. but personally I just hold on to Staal and see if he can step it up with Crosby being gone. dude missed almost the entire offseason with those infections and then when he finally got right he takes a puck off his hand. he's a much better player than everyone on that list, I just give him some more time to get it going.

    • i'd pick up downie..not sure what ur cats are or ur other players are but he's worth havn on ur team..marchand too...although he's playing wing to bergeron even tho he is labeled C


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