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  • Alex Alex Jan 23, 2011 10:21 PM Flag

    Forsberg or Nabokov?

    I'm currently have the #1 waiver spot and am in 3rd in a very tight H2H league. My scoring really has been my weak point, and goaltending my strong point.

    I have Carey Price, Ilya Bryzgalov, Martin Brodeur, and JS Giguere.

    They league stats are very goalie heavy, that's why I have 4. Nabokov would be over kill should he actually play, but...

    My question is; should I claim him anyways to block the #2 wavier spot from getting him (1st place team currently) and potentially using him if he decides to play. Or take a chance and cancel my claim for him and hope Forsberg comes back and take him instead?

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    • I'd wait on it. It is not 100% certain if EITHER of them will play this year. Forsberg is practicing with Colorado...but he does that almost every year. I'd say he has about a 50% chance of playing this year. Nabby may not come back at all. He's refused to play in NY, so he might just get suspended for the season and that's the end of it.

    • forsberg isnt even listed in yahoo fantasy.

    • If nabby does play it'll be for the Isles. So it's lose lose.

      Foppa says his foot is feeling pretty good comparatively. I'm sure he still has some skill left in him and he'll probably be put on the #1 line with Duchene in time. So it's lose win.

      I'd have to give the edge to Forsberg.

    • I personally don't see either one being very beneficial to be honest with you. It seems Nabby is gonna just stay home and it doesn't look like the Isles are gonna just put him back on waivers. As for Forsberg, if he does come back.......he'll be good to get more fans in the seats, but that's about it. He'll be nothing like he used to be.

    • Considering Nabby will not play or at the very best play for NYI, you're better off taking the chance on Forsberg. Besides, with both of these you probably won't even get a chance on Forsberg. He's tried it before and it never worked. I hope it does but I'm not too optimistic on it.

    • Depends on your needs, but I'd go with Forsberg just because he'll play for a better team.


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