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    Yahoo pro boards dynasty hockey league

    Hey guys, I'm in a biding fantasy hockey league in Pro Boards and Yahoo and I'm in need of a owner willing to take over a current team. Another friend and I have been running this league for almost four years and we really haven't had much turn over in that time although in the last week or so, we have hit a bit a run with three owners deciding to up and leave with little to no explanation at all. We have managed to replace two of the departed owners with day to day hockey operations staying pretty stable even with this distraction. First and foremost, I'm in need of a knowledgeable hockey person willing to be active in a very unique and fun hockey fantasy league, while not completely necessary, it would really help if that person was familiar with a messaging site called ProBoards.

    If your interested in joining the league, please email me directly at mexjan27@yahoo.ca Please be prepared to answer a few questions and if your response is timely, i will then have you to join the leagues Yahoo group page, nothing really ever happens there, its more like a back up to the real league but there you can read up on all the rules. After you've done that, if you like what see then you can come over and get a crash course on Pro Boards, its a forum messaging site that makes it very easy to run the league but each owner is responsible for there own roster page and updates are required daily as most teams have players being called up and sent down to there respective minor league affiliate.....like i said, unique.

    The league asks from each owner to browse the site a minimum of two hours throughout the day, as i mentioned updating your teams roster page, recalling and sending players down to the minors, reading other teams trade block, activating rookies, biding on free agents and so fourth. Two hours might seems like a lot now but it doesn't have to be in one sitting and since this league is like nothing you've never seen before, you will want to spend even more time discussing trades, scouting players and so on. The weekends are a little different as most of the guys here have families, V i think is our youngest at twenty while i believe our oldest is in his forties but weekends i understand are spent with the family, drinking or whatever so just have your Yahoo line up set and your golden.

    All the guys in the league are very hockey savvy so you'll need to be on your toes since no transaction in the league is policed in any way but Roger and i will help you with any questions that you will have in the beginning. The team you will be taking over if you decide to join, does have some really talented players in Malkin, Thorton, Booth, N.Backstrom and Richards although injuries have played a part this year, itd your over all depth that is lacking and thats what will help to win the THL Championship. All the team names have to be real NHL teams so your team right now is the Canucks but you don't have to keep it, you can choose from any Western NHL team that is available.

    Again, if interested, please email me

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