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  • =*=Kope =*=Kope Dec 21, 2010 1:02 AM Flag

    Cheating Commishes?

    Anything one can do about a lying, cheating commish who says he caught you cheating (???) and locked and benched Your entire team just because Your team was crushing his entire league? So far, all i could do was change the name of my team to "Commish=Lying Cheatr" LoL, but this jerk is screwing up my profile. He claimed i had two teams just because i stocked 5 goalies and tried to trade Green for Letang (which would have been a GREAT trade for me). He personally vetoed my trade and froze my team. When i whipped him head-to-head and was in 1st be a dozen pts, he benched my entire team. The league is Devil Dealers. I guess they do that every year if anyone new is in first place. Disgusting.

    Nothing Yahoo! can do (who would i ask?) or is this my last year in Yahoo! sports?!

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    • yeah.. next year man i would just join a yahoo public league there isn't a set commish

    • Yeah, it's always best to be in a league where you know everybody. IF not stuff like this happens every year.

    • Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. I was involved in an incident that effectively shut down a private league I was in. The majority of us wanted to play but the commish benched and locked everyone. (We could still change our team names and use the shout box or whatever its called now) I even tried getting Yahoo to make a duplicate league with another commish but they wouldn't do squat. I don't really blame Yahoo, they don't need to police their private leagues but it was a big waste of all our time. There's always next year. Or maybe you can post a message to see if any existing leagues need a replacement manager (the co-manager function can easily be used to give a team to someone else.) I can't imagine Yahoo would ban you for this unless you have broken the TOS.

      Hope this helped.

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      • Thanks, didn't think there was anything i could do, so ultimately my team is by far the best and will end up in last, giving my 15 yr old profile a small hit. Guess i'll change the name of my team to the most degrading thing i can think of and just move on. Never gonna join anyone else's private league again.

        P.S. i drafted five goalies because his scoring rewarded pts for goalie starts and four of them were questionable 1 or 2's. ended up having to cut Nittimaki and stuck with Green, when i could've had Letang too, LoL. Best fantasy hockey team i've ever had (and i've won a few championships already) Oh well.

    • Did you have two teams? And why would you have 5 goalies?


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