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    were having issues in the leauge cause it got vetoed by league vote but should it be if it were commish vote?

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    • IF your league has a "league veto" and the league in-fact vetoed this trade -- you have no choice. Changing a rule after the season has started will kill your league....had it happen last year. Commish got "pissy" because the league vetoed a trade and he changed the settings to allow the trade to go through -- league ended up losing five out of ten owners..

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      • NO veto

        My view is you veto ONLY if there is evidence of collusion or bad faith. THis is not so bad and its even conceivable that the side giving up Kovy WINS the trade if Kovy continues to suck and Johnson continues to get #1 type minutes and play as well as he has. I don't know that I expect that but its possible.

        I would have thought though that the guy giving Kovy could have wrangled a more certain #1 keeper but then again , I don't know that I would give up a Kipper, Lundeqvist or Howard for Kovy.

        Unfortunately if your league has league vote, you are stuck. The most that can be done is to start a discussion with the other managers and IF enough can be convinced to change their mind, re-present the trade

    • Does Johnson take over the reigns for Fleury? This is what you have to ask yourself. How many games does he get?

      Evander Kane is inconsistent.

      Kovi is underperforming but should start to produce more consistently. I'd say its low risk for what's been given up.

      If the forward bein thrown in with Johnson is more of a scoring threat then yeah it would be fair.

      The team getting kovulchuk wins large.

    • Alot of variables to consider. Depends how many teams in the league and what's left in FA. Also, whether the guy getting Johnson needs a goalie badly and if other teams can't afford to give one up. Kane's probably underrated cause he's in Atlnata but the kid's got potential and gets tons of ice. Who would've thought Stamkos would hit 50 last year not saying that Kane will. Obviously a buy low on Kovalchuk but I still wouldn't veto this trade. Again, if FA has nothing comparable to Kane (id say 55-60 pts) then no veto whatsoever.

    • I hate to pile on, but I see no problem with this trade either.

    • Based on the current season...it should go through...Kovy is playing like crap this year...but he could pick it up...but thats kinda doubtful. Based on career stats...I'd veto it...Kovy is way better than both...so is it based on this years stats or all time...

    • the problem is that this trade did get vetoed by the league and the guy receiving Ilya is pissed so thats my issue

    • The way Kovalchuk has played, no this trade should go through

    • No not at this point its a buy low for Kovalchuk and E. Kane is a 4th overall draft pick with a high upside.


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