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  • Brian Brian Nov 3, 2010 2:01 AM Flag

    Question for experienced fantasy owners?????

    I believe last year I had a no drop player who went on IR for a long time but eventually became a player I could drop. Does anyone know how long it would take for an Injured "cant cut player" to become a cut player.........Or am i wrong about it all..

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    • the player can turn into a cut eligible player if he is not having the type of year he was thought to have or injury effects his play.

    • If your league is following the Yahoo can't cut list as most do then you will not be able to cut a player who is designated as a can't cut player even if he is injured for a long period of time.
      If you are in a league with good managers that you know from one season to the next the commish may set it up so that you can cut anyone at any time.
      This works well for a player who is injured and will be out for a long period of time.
      Most leagues follow the Yahoo can't cut list because quite often some managers will drop very good players late in the season wheh they know they have no chance of winning their league.Why is this? Usually just to disrupt the league.This just causes a free for all for the good players who should never have been dropped and it's not fair for the managers who have played sensibley all season to possibly lose out on winning the championship because the balance of the league has been changed by someone cutting above average players who should never be cut.

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