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  • Stu Stu Oct 4, 2010 10:07 AM Flag

    Huge Deep Free League Live draft Wed AM

    Join this deep 3-line, 20-team league--LIVE DRAFT IS IN JUST OVER 48 hours from the time of this posting: Wednesday morning at 10 AM eastern time.

    The league is set to be a maximum of 20 teams, so I need you to join. I'm looking for some rabid fans to join my fantasy hockey league. If you're serious about hockey, and you are willing to make the commitment to sub in and out players throughout the season and replace injured players, this is the league for you.

    There will be 20 teams, with only 4 of them making the championship playoffs. Teams that finish 5-8 will play a consolation playoff tournament.

    There will be a live draft: The exact date and time of the draft is Wednesday morning, October 6 at 7:00am PDT. (That's Los Angeles/West Coast time. If you live on the East Coast, it would be 10 AM.)

    Each team will have three centers, three right wings, three left wings, six defensemen, two goalies and five bench players.

    You will be able to add and drop players as much as you want -- a maximum of four per week -- and you can instantly add players for today's game.

    It's a weekly head-to-head matchup leg where you compete in 16 or so categories with one other team, and you play each other team at least one time throughout the season.

    Here’s the passwords, etc:

    NHL Hockey, league name: The Great One.

    In order to join the league, go to Yahoo fantasy sports hockey (NHL) 2010 page, click the "Sign Up Now" or "Get Another Team" button and follow the links to "Join a Custom League". When prompted, enter the League ID# and password below.

    League ID#: 9783
    Password: Yuta


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