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  • Bill Bill Sep 29, 2010 10:47 AM Flag

    Dear Yahoo:

    Where is Malkin's RW eligibility? Where is Seguin's LW eligibility?
    The first game Kovalchuk spent on the other wing he was immediately added eligibility yet every update from Rotowire for these two players say they are going to be playing the wing yet they are still posted as Centers.
    I anxiously await your reply.

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    • and, there has to be some easy way to obtain the starting lineups for the teams considering when you watch a game they give them to you.

    • So Comrie has been added as a C. So I take it Malkin is going to also be a C on the line they play together. Can both of them take the faceoff together then?? COME ON YAHOO, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is that information really that easy to obtain? If you look on NHL gameday on NHL.COM, in any given game they can have 7 C, 4 RW and 1 LW listed. Obvioulsy they aren't just going to have one LW the whole game. Does anyone actually properly track what positions a player to start a game?

    • in Baseball 5 starts gets you a position or 10 games played. That is over 162 games.

      They could easily say 5 starts at a certain position over the 82 games gets you the eligilbity, and the starting listed position for the player's regular shift at the beginning of the game is easily obatined, and would make it easy for us to track, like Baseball.

    • dont forget bout backes

    • Do they plan on implanting some sort of radio frequency device into the players that tells them where the players start their configuration on the ice? Positions are much more fluid than baseball, a solution like the one they have in baseball I anticipate would be difficult to implement.
      There must be dozens of reports this year saying that Malkin is going to be a RW this year. If online sources would help convince their data provider a google search would elicit many results saying that Malkin is playing the wing.
      I just don't quite understand what the hold-up is. Yahoo uses Rotowire for their updates, and they've had a couple recently saying that he is a winger, yet their "data provider" doesn't seem to recognize this.

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      Goaltenders Stat Categories: Wins (W), Goals Against Average (GAA), Save Percentage (SV%), Shutouts (SHO)

    • ok, I knew i never felt comfortable sharing all the details publicly that they had shared so I went back and asked and the would prefer I never shared everything they've said....

      so...I give you guys the brief version.....

      -"We are basically at the point we are creating our own tables to manually award second positions at our own discretion. It is going to take some time to get implemented but it is our only realistic option to put an end to position eligibility disputes.

      -We do not have an ETA yet as it is a fairly complex item and we want to add automation like baseball so we do not have to manually update anything"

      I can keep making requests to them and they are logging them and sending them and have them saved for when they have an allternate process, to what was their alternate process.

      If anybody knows a position eligiblity error not already discussed and can cite a source i can send them, please let me know...

      Free Malkin!


    • another day passed and no RW status. My draft is Sunday, so I guess I won't be having RW for him by then, and then have to decide whther I head into the draft expecting the switch and take my chanes, or draft as if the switch won't happen....pretty ridiculous

    • Come on! B.Ryan immdediately gets elgibility, but Malkin nothing. Every report says he is playing wing this year? What do they need???

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