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    Welcome to the 2010 NHL Ultimate Teams League.

    Last season I ran 2 leagues with 20 teams each. And in 1 league, every team got to choose their NHL team and they would get their teams entire roster and could only have players from their nhl team on their roster all year long.
    That way was very reflective of the actual NHL standings for obivous reasons.

    The other league last year was where each team kept 8 players from their chosen NHL team and then we drafted for the remaining players.
    That setting was still to much like the real nhl standings and it wasn't as competitive.

    So instead of running 2 leagues again, I am running just 1 Ultimate Teams League. I already have 13 teams in the league that played in one of the leagues last year. We want to get 20 teams so that leaves 7 spots open to join.

    Here is how the league will be played this season-
    - The scoring system is Head 2 Head
    - There are 4 divisions with 5 teams in each, and 8 teams make the playoffs. The division winners make the playoffs + 4 wild card teams.
    - You get to pick your NHL team and make that as your team name.
    - Each team gets 6 players from their NHL team and then we draft for the remaining players.
    - The draft order goes by the reverse order of last season's standings.
    - And, this is not a keeper league at all. The only reason I call the players keepers, is because that is what yahoo calls them when they are put into the draft order.
    So that means you can change teams from year to year and also pick 6 new players from your NHL team from year to year.

    Here are the teams that have been already taken-
    Detroit Red Wings
    Edmonton Oilers
    Chicago Blackhawks
    Buffalo Sabres
    Nashville Predators
    Washington Capitals
    New York Rangers
    New Jersey Devils
    Montreal Canadiens
    Pittsburgh Penguins
    Vancouver Canucks
    Los Angeles Kings
    San Jose Sharks
    Minnesota Wild
    Tampa Bay Lightning
    Columbus BlueJackets
    Boston Bruins
    Philadelphia Flyers
    Anaheim Ducks

    If you want to join you can email me or here is the League Info-
    ID- 877
    PW- nhl10

    If you want to find out more information, then just join the league, or email me at:

    This will be a great league, especially with 4 divisions and 20 teams.
    Please Join if you love Hockey!!!!!!

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