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    Where Am I Weak

    This is a 10-team points league with 25-man rosters - where am I weak, and who should I try to trade/drop to improve depth.

    C: Toews, Savard, Duchene, M. Koivu, Brassard, Seguin
    RW: Perry, Boyes, Doan, L'Brunner, Gionta, Little
    LW: Ovechkin, Gagne, Laich, Versteeg, Jokinen (Jussi)
    D: Gonchar, Myers, Goligoski, Giordano, Subban
    G: Rinne, Bryzgalov, Turco

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    • trade bryzgalov instead of turco,theres no way he can repeat that year and turco will start 70 gms this year and win 40 with chicago+you ca probably get a top end rw(ie.parise,heatly,) for bryzgalov,and seguin will probably not play more than 20 gms(minors)boston is not bad at C

    • Im very curious as to why people keep picking seguin. Yes he was the second overall pick, yes he is nasty, but no he is not on a shitty team. He still has to make the team and he might even end up back in the OHL this year so why not pick someone who you figure will get playing time and points?

    • I would say on D. if Gonchy has a bad year in O-town you might want a solid natural 50p scoring D behind him.

      But otherwise great team.

    • try to trade Turco for a high end RW.

    • I like your C's, especially if Brassard reaches the potential he showed in his rookie season and gets back onto Nash's line. But if Seguin is going to get playing time, he will have to play on the wing in Boston. Love Duchene and Koivu, and Savard needs to stay healthy.

      Boyes needs a bounceback season, but anyone in st. Louis could put up great numbers. Doan may not get numbers as he has in the past cos Phoenix is young and unproven up front. I had Little last year and he disappointed, but he has potential and is not a bad #6 on RW.

      Your LW is solid, especially if you count PIM with Jokinen. Versteeg could end up on top line with Kessel, and Gagne may get a fresh start in TB. Laich is ready to break out.

      Gonchar needs to stay healthy, and your young D could go either way. Subban will get Markov's minutes at the start, and should play PP with Markov. I like Myers, and Goligoski may step in for Gonchar on an awesome PP. Don't know much about Giordano.

      Rinne is solid but Nashville needs some consistent offense. Same with Bryzgalov, whom I always liked in Anaheim, but I'm not sold on Phoenix's D, and some young guns need to step up on offense. Never liked Turco, but I'm a Spartan and biased against him. Chicago has a solid D so he will have a better year than last, but he is prone to streakiness and a lot of people love Corey Crawford in Chi-town.

      Overall, you have a good team, especially at C and LW. I might offer Doan and Gonchar in a trade for a more solid and experienced D-man, depending on your categories. Watch how Boyes, Little and Brassard start out and prepare to dump them if they start slowly. Give Subban time and if you need faceoffs, you might not want to count on Seguin. If Versteeg is on 2nd line, don't expect too much, though he will get PP time.

      Good luck!


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