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  • The Exception The Exception Sep 4, 2010 8:20 PM Flag


    I am excited that fantasy hockey is back too....

    but why do people insist on drafting this early. thats what the mock drafts are for.

    its unfortunate, because the majority of the managers that start leagues now forget about them, and dont sign back in. this ruins leagues and wastes peoples time.

    Not only that, its far to early to be drafting teams and then coming on the message boards asking, " rate my team", "help with a trade".

    injuries, holdouts, trades and the preseason all make or break a season. These reasons alone are enough to not draft this early.
    Nobody knows how well a player is going to do. What if he gets seriously hurt before the season starts? then you are fuct. especially if you lose a top players or goalie.

    but if you just cant help yourself, and must draft just for the sake of drafting a team....stay active!
    especially the commissioners. it sucks when you set up a team and then bail out.

    good luck this year everyone!!

    ps....i have leagues open for managers to join, drafts are beginning of october.

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