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    How do you make a 1 year into a keeper?

    We were part of a one year league and now want to make it a keeper? what steps do we have to take to keep the info, players. change settings, etc.?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • It is easy with yahoo for everyone except the commissioner and even then it really isn't hard.

      You decide how many keepers each team will have then get each team to pick their guys and get you the info. If you are thinking about changing stats or settings send a quick note to the league and if there are no major objections go with it.

      The rest of the work is done by the commissioner during draft setup. You set the draft order then assign the players to their proper teams... but make sure the keepers fill the first available spots in consecutive rounds. For example, if you have 8 keepers as I do in my league, it doesn't matter the order the guys are assigned as long as they fill each teams first 8 picks... then the draft continues according to draft order.

      Go into the draft and league settings and look around until you get the settings the way you want them.

      I like it this way because if you have a manager or two who are not participating as I did last year, you just have someone else join the league and assign that teams keepers to them and they become the new manager.

      In my league we choose 8 players and they become our keepers... no restrictions on trades or drops or length of time you can keep them. Makes it a whole lot easier... we tried 4 / 3 / 2 year contracts but unless you have as system that manages it it is just way to much work.

      Hope that helps. Have fun!


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