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  • Shaun Shaun Mar 7, 2010 1:24 AM Flag

    Keeper Settings Help

    Running a first year keeper league and having an issue with draft pick trading.
    I didn't allow it this year with it being our first year, had to make sure people were gonna stick with the league. With that no longer being an issue I now have to figure out how I'm going to incorporate traded draft picks into the draft for our 2011/12 draft. I know it's a year and a half away but I'd really like to have it sorted out sooner than later

    Is there a way to manually set the draft order in yahoo for each round? I know you can set the draft order but I wanna do it for every round.

    I am only allowing the first and second round draft picks to be traded and without yahoo having any kind of accomodation for this I might have to just stick to trading draft position or doing a paper draft for the first two rounds.

    Please Help

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    • hey i have a keeper league with draft picks being traded regualarily what we did was just have the two players who traded the picks tell each other who to pick then trade them afterwards

    • I'm the commissioner of a keeper league in our 2nd year. We are a 25 man, 8 team league. At the beginning of the year, the commissioner is simply able to customize each individual draft round, as necessary.

      Because Yahoo! stiputates that each team must draft the same number of players, when we trade picks, there must the same number of picks going in each direction. Ie, in my league, I trade player X and my 3rd round pick for player Y and a 10th round pick. However, you must keep track of draft picks yourself - Yahoo! is not set up to do it. Myself, I've set up a blog page, accessible to all managers, to keep track of traded draft picks.

      Hope that helps!

    • Anyone?


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