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  • The Exception The Exception Feb 28, 2010 11:23 AM Flag

    for all you trash talking Canadians

    USA= uneducated states of amateurs.(not only in hockey)

    do some research. get some facts. then you can talk. until then...you have one win vs Canada. we CRUSHED you in salt lake. (im sure that still hurts) you have not won shit in decades. and you wont win today. can ANY american DARE to give me the history of your hockey, ahem, prowess.

    so again....learn your hockey history. you dont become the best by beating the best once. it takes years....and you got A LOT of catching up to do.


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    • OK, for about the 4th time:

      6 of your 7 Gold medals in hockey came before 1956, prior to what is known as "The Modern Olympic Age". To prove how outdated your count is, the only team you lost to pre-1956 was the hockey superpower Great Britain. Since the onset of the Modern Olympic Age, when Russia joined the Olympics in 1956, you guys have won ONE Gold medal in hockey and we have won TWO.

      Men's hockey gold medals in the Modern age:
      Russia - 8
      US - 2
      Sweden - 2
      Canada - 1
      Czech - 1

      Fact: We have twice as many Gold medals in hockey as you since the Modern age began in '56. And before '02, you had ZERO. We had TWO , 1960 and 1980.

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      • So you're seriously gonna try and say that the States are better than Canada at hockey? Currently right now? How many time are we gonna have to win before you open your eyes. Show me one current player in the States that is better than Crosby. Or how about before his generation, Gretzky. Or lets dig a little deeper and Go Bobby Orr. We could keep going if you want. The best players ALWAYS come from Canada.

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