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  • Bulldozier1963 Bulldozier1963 Feb 17, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    Help Me - Stuck In 2nd

    My team is last in +/-. I am looking at the FA pool and my team to see where I can improve (no trading is done in this league).

    FAs: Duchene (C), Fisher (C), Stajan (C), Schultz (D), Barker (D), Salo (D).

    MY TEAM: 12-Team Roto (2nd)

    C: M. Koivu, Stastny, Tim Connolly
    RW: Downie, Hornqvist Knuble
    LW: Kovalchuk, Raymond, J. Jokinen
    D: Yandle, Myers, Gonchar, Green
    G: Hiller, Anderson, Howard

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    • if youre still waiting for a reply bulldozier, I would pick up jeff schultz. he isnt very valuable, except in the category you are in need of. And, if thats Mike Fisher, which I cant believe it is, you should probably own him. I dont pay too much attention to his stats, but I know he is tearing it up on a hot team, so Im sure his +/- is solid.
      No trading is done in this league because its not allowed, or becuase nobody seems interested?
      And, I can believe his team is in second. Its roto, so there is a max start in all categories, suggesting that the best team might not always start the right guys all the time, and there are probably a couple of inactives, like there are in alot of leagues, expecially roto...and his team is solid. Just because none of the names other than Kovalchuck and Green jump out at you, hes got possibly the 3 best sleeper goalies of the year (besides miller), and overacheiving players at every position.
      Looks like he used his late draft picks good, and played the FA market well.

    • your C's are Koivu Statsny and Connolly..

      Mine are Thornton, Stamkos and Roy, I dropped Connolly for Roy..

      Your RW's are Downie, Hornqvist and Knuble, not ONE of those guys would I consider great.. Downie is STILL a FA in my league? and the reason Downie does ANYTHING is because he plays with Stamkos and St.Louis..
      Alfredsson, Havlat, Gionta and Hornqvist are far better than your RW's in my opinion.

      at LW you have Kovalchuk, Raymond and Jussi Jokinen

      I have Heatley, Daniel Sedin and James Neal

      Heatley= SAME value as Kovalchuk, D.Sedin= WAY more valuable than Raymond and Jussi Jokinen was a FA in my league until a month ago when he heated up, Neal still has more goals and points though..

      Your D is UNREAL, and SUPER strong bro.. No Doubt about it, I would give anything to have that D

      I have Luongo, Quick and Brian Elliott in net who are FAR superior to your goalies as well.

      Im in 5th because Ive had troubles with injuries ALL year, D.Sedin, Ales Hemsky, Brian Gionta etc.

      I didn't mean to offend saying what I did about your team but you getting mad and saying the SAME thing about my team has no merit, Id like to know your totals because if your team is in 2nd Im sure I would lead your league with my teams totals/

    • No disrespect to your team but I can't believe you are in 2nd with it? I am in 5th and have

      C-Joe Thornton
      C-Steven Stamkos
      C-Derek Roy

      LW- Daniel Sedin
      LW- Dany Heatley
      LW- James Neal

      RW- Daniel Alfredsson
      RW-Brian Gionta
      RW-Marty Havlat
      RW- Patrick Hornqvist

      D-Brian Campbell
      D-Alex Edler
      D- Joni Pitkanen
      D-Erik Johnson

      G-Roberto Luongo
      G-Jonathan Quick
      G-Brian Elliott

      Your D is top notch, either way though congrats on doing so well. +/- is tricky, who are the free agents that you can choose from?

    • Anyone?