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  • Car Ramrod Car Ramrod Feb 14, 2010 11:42 PM Flag

    TRADE: Tim Thomas and M.A. Fluery

    I give:

    Tim Thomas and M.A. Fleury

    I get:

    Jimmy Howard

    I currently have Halak and Hiller as well and I need to take Booth off the IR so I've been trying to move 2 players for one.

    I may have given up too much for Howard but I think it benefits me more than it hurts me. I'm only asking because my friends (other owners) were laughing at me over it.

    So I ask. Was that an idiot trade?

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    • that's the dumbest trade i've ever seen in my life, in case you didn't know Fleury is on the OLYMPIC team does that mean nothing to you?

    • Why wouldnt u just drop thomas outright to make room for Booth. This is one of the worst moves i've heard of. You felt like you HAD to make a deal so u gave up a great goalie (MAF) for a good one just to make room for an ok player?

      I don't see the point...Thomas isnt playing anyway so drop him outright. Bad move man...even if you can't see it.

    • Thomas has been terrible for the last 2 months, and appears to have lost the starting job. basically, you are trading Howard for Fleury. Howard will get the vast majority fo the fuutre starts as long as the Wings are working for a playoff spot. He is puting up great numbers. Not so sure that this isnt a pretty good trade for a third goalie.

    • you are stupid, fleury is one of the best goalies in the league you could have got a top forward for him and thomas is a good goalie 2, howard is a rookie thats over achieving on a bad team, this is the dumbest trade i have ever seen should be vetoed

    • Not quite sure if you have a clue what you are doing. Why would you give up a good young netminder and the reigning Vezina winner for a marginal goalie who is likely to be replaced sometime soon with a bonafide star goalie. Sorry dude. You new to this?

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      • No. I've never lost a hockey pool on Yahoo and im currently 2nd in both of my leagues this year.
        I'm not sure you actually know what you're talking about. This trade is not based on last year's stats or on how young the goalie's are. It is based on who can provide the most quality starts until the end of the season.

    • You have quite a dilemma there.

      M.A. Fleury is on a team loaded with scoring talent to get you wins but you do have a point. He gives up way to many goals.

      Thomas is playing for Boston and they have a massive goalie feud going on at the moment just by looking at the stats. So his playability is a quesiton.

      Howard, as you said, is playing for a team that is "underachieving" due to injury. He has a monster defensive corp and gets a good look at most if not all shots coming at him so he can make the saves, but he still has to worry about his job. If Osgood makes a good showing in one or two starts, Howard could be on the bench again.

      IMHO, this is a question only you can answer.
      I wouldn't keep Hiller. He is on a team that is "questionable" in my opinion. The Ducks haven't been playing the way they used to and he is letting in way to many goals to be kept on a fantasy team at the moment. If you have til after the olympics to make a decision, you should wait to fill that spot.

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      • Finally a competent response.
        I understand there is a risk Howard loses his starting position although I do think he has earned a sizable cushion as the starter at this point.
        As for Hiller, the Ducks are starting to surge again and they are also a team who has been hurt by injuries, so I think his stats will only get better unless he can't handle the starting role.

        However, I felt I needed to take a big risk to expand my already dangerous offence. This trade allowed me to get Booth off my IR, which allowed me to pick up the recently dropped Franzen as my third LW and RW respectively.

    • Oh hell no! Thomass is the second best goalie in the league! Thats like me giving up Bryzgalov in the same deal...no way I would!

    • Don't do it.

    • I'd be laughing along with your friends. Surely you can come up with a better 2-for-1 trade.

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      • No. I tried to come up with one over a dozen times with every possible owner. But no one ever trades and half the people have given up. So i basically decided to give up some big names for one guy who will give the better quality starts in the playoffs. It is the only way I can compete with the 1st place team right ahead of me. As he has Miller, Quick and Nittymaki.
        And it intrigues me that I'm getting negative feedback because I can easily see it being proofed in my favor.
        Just so everyone knows, this is not a keeper league.

    • Wouldn't do it. Howard isn't quite as worthy as Fleury, but closer than some like to believe.

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