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  • Howard Howard Feb 11, 2010 6:46 PM Flag

    keeper league questions

    My first year of fantasy hockey has been a blast, thinking of joining a keeper league for next season. I see posts all the time to take over teams. I am currently running 4 teams which is max Yahoo allows, so I guess I have to wait until season ends or beginning of next season. Anything to look out for when joining a keeper league vs a one year league?

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    • I'd definitely take a young player in the top 2 rounds, as you would assume.

    • Yeah, think of players that have done consistantly good throughout seasons, rather than in a single season, because a player can get lucky and do amazing one season but then suck next season. Make sure to look at their stats before picking them from past season! Good luck!

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      • I appreciate the input, but I get that aspect of the keeper league. I guess I am wondering if I need to be aware of (look out for) anything when someone posts an opening. I am in 2 public & 2 private leagues, most running smooth, no problems with commissioners, only encountered what one case of obvious cheating right after a draft.

        I would guess keepers are more serious players, buy do I need to be cautious of anything when I see a post looking for a replacement manager - they want to see a fantasy profile - do I blindly just join a league? anyway to look out for shady commishes that I see mentioned in posts.


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