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  • Jay Jay Feb 10, 2010 1:53 PM Flag

    Need help from the PROS!!

    ok guys, im racking my brain trying to make the next "genius" move for a playoff push in my leauge, and would like some advice/insight/HELP!

    Im in a 10 team leauge, currently sitting in 4th place. I am 27 pts out of 3, so I would say it looks like 4th may be the highest I get too, but 5th place is only 6 pts behind me and 6th place is only 11 pts behind me!

    It is a stardard H2H leauge, with the following scoring categories: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, SOG, W, L, GAA, SV%, SHO.

    My team is as follows:

    C: Eric Stall, Henrik Zetterber, Brooks Laich (LW)
    LW: Illya Kovalchuk, David Booth, Simon Gagne
    RW: Daniel Alfredsson, Johan Frazen, Bobby Ryan (LW)
    D: Ed Jovanosvski, Andrei Markov, Brian Cambell, Jay Bouwmeester
    G: Illy Bryzgalov, Nicklas Backstrom, Rich Dipietro

    Any advice as to what I should to do inhance my team would be greatly appreciated!

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    • I would try to package either Alfredsson or Ryan. (preferrably Alfreddsson) with Backstrom for an upgrade in Goal.

    • Its a no brainer,why you are in 4 th,, 5 categories for goalies and 7 for offense,,,, Plus there is the wins and losses,,you need excellent goalies, get a good goalie in a winning team, even if you have to trade one of your best player ( Kovalchuk) or players,.. Here it is, 2 players ( Goalies) that fill up 5 categories and about 13 players to fill up 7 categories, lets say 6 , because PIM, are players you can find on the waivers for free,, all you need is 2 goalies in an excellent team,, it will secure your win catcategory, prevent you from losing the Loss category. and give you excellent goalie stats,GAA,Sav% and SHO,, Winning 4 stat categories ( Goalies ) every week and adding some offensive wins, will make you win all your matchups,, I'm in a same kinda league as you, and I have 4 stud goalies,, I'm on top. easilly,,..Another thing is do you have max moves? if not, then add and drop players every other day, making full lineups everyday,,you will easilly win the offensive categories,every week,,,, you will kick all their ASSES in no time,, Remember ! Numbers never lie,,, Good Luck... DAN..

    • IMO, you need to trade Markov and Jovanovski. and also need to trade Rick DiPitetro and Niklas Backstrom. and try somthing like this

      You Get one of these goalies,Miller,Nabokov,Luongo,Kiprusoff,or Anderson.

      and You Give:Jovanovski and Backstrom for one of those goalies and a solid d-man

    • grab selanne, drop depietro backstrom j.bo. gagne is dead weight this season and in a ten team league you should have options for all the above mentioned. keep markov he is an elite defender and will pick it up.

    • dont know if hes worth #1 priority, depend how deep your league is and other teams tenders....but your desperate for a good goalie

    • get jussi jokinen for your lw

    • no rask is the #1 right now they will stick eith the hot goalie with a start or 2 for thomas
      I would take rask and drop diP
      also drop franz and pick up downie you need some penalty min
      and drop booth and pick up a winger
      franz and booth do nothing for your team

    • Also, Rask is currently on waivers, and I have #1 waiver priority, so I dont know if hes worth using it on at the time......

    • What do you think the goaltending situation is in Boston. Is it a straight 50-50 split between him and Thomas now?

    • keep backstrom, unless you want to trade him for a different goalie, drop DP, look for Leighton, Legace, Lehtonen, those 3 guys are gonna be starting a lot of games...Especially Legace...he's not great though but Ward is probably done, Emery is probably done...and Lehtonen jsut got dealt to Dallas so that means Turco is probably done...

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