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    I've been commissioning leagues for close to a decade and rarely join others leagues unless I know a few of the managers and the league comes recommended...but this one has to be a record for collusion!!

    The commish has never seem to have a clue and had troubles with his settings from the outset with having way to many goalie starts per week in a H2H format for the available goalies in a 20 team keeper!! Anyways the league spoke out and clued him in to adjust settings before the season began and everyone has worked fairly hard to get into the 8 team post season.

    Here's the deal! The commish now sits outside the post season race and doesn't look like he'll make it into the playoffs...so today we get notice that a trade offer has been accepted between the commish and one of the teams in the middle of the pac for post season qualifying around 5-6th position overall. The commish offers the following to this team still in the hunt...

    Commissioner GIFTS:

    Mike Richards

    Roberto Luongo

    FOR (ya'll sittin down)

    Team still in contentions offers players in return:

    Robert Lang

    Marcel Goc

    Pascal Leclaire

    Josh Harding


    Sad part is half the managers have gone AWOL over the past few months I suspect because hey just can't take this dough heads act!! Sooooooooooooo...what d'ya do besides the obvious and vote against the trade?? Which likely will be of no consequence because half the mangers are gone and won't tally enough to reverse. I'm not one to bale ever but this one seems to have roster dump written all over it sadly and walk away!! I'll be happy to post all responses on the league message board no matter what peoples position is so PLEASE.....Have at er!!



    P.S- Possible love affair going on behind the scenes between these two?

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