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  • Darryl Darryl Feb 4, 2010 4:19 PM Flag

    Unbalanced Trade Advice

    The trade:

    Team A gets: Spezza Booth & Lundqvist

    Team B gets: Crosby Weber & Halak

    Team A is in last place and almost completely inactive all year. Team B is in third place and very active all year.

    Em I nuts or is this trade completely one sided for Team B?

    I set the league up with league voting on trades, I'm really hoping this trade gets vetoed via the league voting but if it doesn't I'm considering overriding the league vote and vetoing it anyway.

    Issue 1 overriding the league vote
    Issue 2 I'm currently in first and don't want to appear as though I'm doing this for personal benefit.

    Any thoughts / suggestions?

    I've talked to the manager receiving Crosby and he fully admits he wouldn't accept the trade if reversed.

    Thanks for the help!

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    • Thanks to everyone for the advice, opinions and feed back. In the end the league vetoed the trade via voting.

      I also discovered without a doubt that this was collusion as both managers are co-workers and one openly admitted that he knew it was a completely one-sided deal and wouldn't accept it if reversed.

    • Spezza is not on a hot streak, he was in a slump to start the season. He is a consistent point per game player and David Booth is probably Florida's best player. This is not a one sided trade at all. Yes Crosby is the best player in this deal but this trade is definitely not one-sided enough to demonstrate collusion or an attempt to dump bad players for good ones.

      I agree that this probably solidifies Team B's depth for a run at a league win but not worthy of a veto.

    • very unfair trade.

      Crosby>>>Spezza (spare me the hot streak compare to Crosby consistant top three production this year)

      Halak>>Lundqvist (look up the stats if you don't believe me, and yes I know Halak isn't a big name but I have him on my team and he is playing like atleast a top 5 goalie)

      Weber and Booth may be a wash or Weber has more value consider them compare to others at their positions.

      Very unbalanced trade and I know people will argue with my Halak point but I just want you all to look at the numbers and see what I mean.

    • Thanks for all the feed back.

      Sounds like the majority of you think that the trade is unbalanced and that I should let the league vote stand whatever the outcome.

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      • Good choice letting the league vote. It sucks watching a team get better that you're competing against, but in all fairness you cant stop it.
        The only REAL reason to override a league vote would be if you knew for sure that it was collusion. Otherwise, a stupid manager is just that. You let them both in your league and you have to deal with the decisions/trades they make.
        Lesson of the year, be careful who you let in your leagues.

    • Fair trade, bite your tongue

    • LET THE LEAGUE VOTE, clearly YOU are thinking of yourself!

      that is the league settings and you should not override your league settings,

      the trade appears to be a little one-sided but not vetoable, hard to truly judge without knowing the team rosters.

    • Can 't say this is that lop sided when Crosby and Lunquist/Spezza are going in different derections

      You can't override but can email league stating your case and requesting they veto along with you

    • I want to be in a league with you guys! The third place team is commiting suicide and you are moaning about it.

      PLEASE invite me to join next season.

      Do any of you follow hockey. Lundquist has been lit up like a christmas tree the past month and halak has captured the starting job in Montreal. The Rangers went like 3 games without scoring a goal and Lundquist let in like 5 goals in one game during that stretch. Or was it 7 goals? They lost like 7 in a row or 7 of 8. Don't goalies need wins in your league?

      Crosby for Spezza is insane. Spezza is an all star...5 years ago. Crosby just became the number 3 scorer in the NHL. Does anyone have to explain the dif between Crosby and Spezza.

      And Booth for Weber is a "who gives a f..." part of the trade. The fact that either of them are on your rosters makes it really clear that you don't know how to manage a team. I'm sure there are better free agents you can get than either of them and all you have to do it cut them.

    • You're insane. If you think that trade in unbalance for B you are totally nuts.


      You need help.

    • Crap like that is irritating but you set the rules at the beginning of the season. Post a msg or e-mail the other managers and let them know what you think and hope enough veto it.

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