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  • ruthie ruthie Feb 4, 2010 7:11 PM Flag

    Unbalanced Trade Advice

    I want to be in a league with you guys! The third place team is commiting suicide and you are moaning about it.

    PLEASE invite me to join next season.

    Do any of you follow hockey. Lundquist has been lit up like a christmas tree the past month and halak has captured the starting job in Montreal. The Rangers went like 3 games without scoring a goal and Lundquist let in like 5 goals in one game during that stretch. Or was it 7 goals? They lost like 7 in a row or 7 of 8. Don't goalies need wins in your league?

    Crosby for Spezza is insane. Spezza is an all star...5 years ago. Crosby just became the number 3 scorer in the NHL. Does anyone have to explain the dif between Crosby and Spezza.

    And Booth for Weber is a "who gives a f..." part of the trade. The fact that either of them are on your rosters makes it really clear that you don't know how to manage a team. I'm sure there are better free agents you can get than either of them and all you have to do it cut them.

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