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  • Tigger C Tigger C Feb 4, 2010 7:16 AM Flag

    Still Looking for Input

    I am one of the top 4 teams in an 8 team points league. The bottom four teams have not participated since before Christmas, and in one instance, mid October. Out of the blue, the first place team has made this PENDING trade with one of the bottom feeders. The top team is getting Kovalchuk, Kane, Phaneuf, Markov, Keith & Nabakov. The cellar dweller is getting Penner, Elias, Tavares, Stajan & Franzen. The difference of approx 840 points should make a sham of the league. Can anything be done? I've officially protested the trade, and written to the other top four team telling him to protest it as well. I am a new player in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League play, and this doesn't seem right. Is there anything else I can do? The top team has made no previous trades, and 25 player moves (an average number). The bottom team made 1 player move and no trades over the season. What's going on?

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    • Once in a baseball league I was in Yahoo actually intervened and stopped a "team dumping" trade. The other 400 or 500 times I've seen it happened it went through.

      If you read the disclaimer when you join someone elses league Yahoo is pretty clear that they will not intervene and overrule a commish.

      With a few million fantasy sports players there's no way Yahoo can get involved. And if they did, do you want some guy at a phone center in Bopul India making changes to your fantasy sports decisions?

      So if your commish is okay with the deal and you don't get the votes to veto the trade, then it's a done trade. Your option is to get over it or try to make a similar trade of your own.

      Some leagues are good leagues and some suck. Next year join as many as you can and stay with the good ones and forget about the others. Sounds like half your league figured that out already.

    • Hooray!

      At 9:44 this morning the trade was vetoed!

      Thank you for all your input! I'm sure it helped!

      (By the way, I'll be looking for a new league next season, so keep me in mind when you set up your leagues! Thanks!)

    • hes the one who needs to step in...I dont even see how you would want to make that trade as the first place team. having incactive players takes enough out of the fun in the league...if I were being 'handed' players to win, I wouldnt bother participating myself. sounds like this guy doesnt have alot going on in his life.

    • Collusion. That trade should not go through, and the commissioner (hopefully one of the active teams) should investigate it. The bottom team is giving up and helping out the first place team. The commish should also warn them that the next time they try it, their teams will be locked. Cheating ruins the fun of playing.


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