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  • Matt Matt Feb 1, 2010 1:26 PM Flag

    big trade crosby and zetterberg

    i really need help. i think this is a good trade, but give me your input. this is not a keeper league, its just a yearly money league, and faceoffs count for points.

    i give:

    i get:

    is this a good trade?

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    • i know but with faceoffs, crosby has the same amount of points as kovalchuk and perry combined. and kane has 70 more points then zetterberg. and i do have franzen and elias on ir. they r comin back anyday.

    • well i can say for sure that perry kovy and zetter will outscore crosby and kane (+ any FA he picks up) so on the basis that by seasons end the 3 players you give up will end up providing more in every category than the ones you obtain, i would say no ........ all you are aquiring is the name crosby, but it wont help your stats

    • I would go for it. Crosby and Kane are money in the bank. Kovalchuk is going to be traded and will need adjustment and Perry is slowing somewhat. Zetterberg isn't exactly lighting it up right now and the trade leaves you with the option of picking up a good option off the wire.

    • No brainer,,,,,pass> >>reject>>> foget about ittttt

    • tough one...i know crosby's amazing but this just looks to me like giving up 3 superstars to get 2 superstars

    • I dunno man, I'm probably one of the biggest Crosby fans and I dunno if this is a good move for you. If it was a keeper league I think it might make more sense but theres no way those 2 guys and outscore the other 3 guys for the rest of this season... are you gonna pick someone decent up on FA? Or are you taking someone decent off of IR? Who's gonna be the 3rd player to equalize this trade? Yah Crosby leads the league in Faceoffs but thats only 1 category, you'll likely be losing in all the other categories (G,A,PPP,PIM etc...)

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      • well i have franzen and elias on ir so thats part of the reason im thinking about doing it. all three players equal 937 points so far in my league and crosby and kane equal 1056 points. and if i can make room to activate elias and franzen it might be a good move. plus perry hasnt done anything in the last month


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