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  • Andrew C Andrew C Jan 26, 2010 8:55 AM Flag

    Inactive Managers

    If your looking to replace them heres what to do.

    Look for the 4 people you want to join 1st. Me and my bro would be interested

    (Both Yahoo ID's are in the email address)

    Once you have them you need to click on the help but and then the link contact us. This should bring a form up. You need to have the following information to put on the form:

    1) League ID
    2) Name of team(s) you want to change over
    3) Email address of new manager(s)
    4) Yahoo ID of new manager(s)

    They will then respond to you letting you know when its done. Hope this helps


    P.S If you need a manager, email me on the address above, im quite active and currently have 2 teams. Just recently got a new team and have made loads of trades which i think will help it.

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