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  • Bulldozier1963 Bulldozier1963 Jan 11, 2010 9:56 AM Flag

    Jordan Staal

    I am currently 3rd in my points league, but dead last in SHG and SHA. I know these stats are very arbitrary, but I was thinking of adding J. Staal, as he plays on a good team and logs lots of PK time, and I could use another C.


    C: Kopitar, Backstrom
    RW: Afinogenov, Bergfors, Sharp (RW/C)
    LW: Parise, Raymond, Vanek
    D: Boyle, Markov, Greene, Myers
    G: Luongo, Miller, Howard

    Who do I drop to make this work? Should I even do it?

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    • you should offer bergfors and howard for bourque, you dont need 3 goalies when have bobby lou and miller

    • I've given up on the Staal experiment. I will stick with my team "as is" for a while and hope that one of my guys (Prospal, Parise) can net me a shortie or two.....thanks for the opinions.

    • In fact, i'm not sure exactly what it'd cost you, but i'd look at trading for Rene Bourque - he's already got 3 shorties this year and has had numerous other chances. Also, the dual-eligibility factor would mean you could give up a winger or two and still be covered.

    • As a Penguins fan, I'm not sure Staal will help you too much in that regard.

      He is our primary penalty killer, and he often looks to cut off the point to point pass on opposing power plays. He also tries to poke check the puck away from a point player to one side and go around the player on the other side to spring himself for breakaways. That said, though, he is not extremely good at scoring on breakaways, so although he gets his chances he doesn't convert that often. Also, the Penguins penalty kill is primarily made up of speedy 4th liners, so there is not often anyone else out there that has good hands for him to work give-and-gos or to set up for one-timers. So, in short, because he is the only offensively gifted player out there and is really the only one that goes for SHG, you'd be looking at a few SHG and likely very minimal SHA.

      It basically comes down to whether the few SHG are worth the difference between the rest of what Staal brings to the table and the rest of what your other players bring to the table. Staal is only on pace for 52 points, but he has been producing at the pace of a 65 point season since mid-November, so if you value SHG more than the 20-30 extra points that Kopitar would give you, then you might consider it.

    • Did you post this in one of the other forums yesterday? I'm sure I remember replying to it, team looks similair too - anyway, I wouldn't add Staal simply because you don't need him at C and the only 'droppable' guy, Afinogenov, is keeping a decent balance on your wings.

      As you said, SHP's are arbitary and at best most teams will get 1, maybe 2 a week (and that's on a 'good' week), so I really wouldn't worry about it, more often than not it ends up 0-0 in those cats.

    • Any opinions?


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