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  • MARK MARK Jan 6, 2010 3:41 PM Flag


    Is it only me that knows what a goon and
    unsportsman like Ovech realy is?
    now he is captain of what? the Titanic i guess LOL
    it does show that the manager is not a sane man!!!
    you heard it here first the Caps will not win any
    Stanley Cups with such a captain or manager!!!
    the NHL better wise up to their goon tactics or
    they will make theFlyers of the 70's look like
    Red Cross volunteers LOL

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    • Ive seen the Hockie wonder play a whole game
      and like most good scorers he fattens his stats when the
      Caps are winning but when I see them losing then he
      goes on the attack literally trys to bully and intimidate
      because OV thinks hes goin to bring the team to life
      with his antics!!!
      You got to remember in the Europe leagues and the
      Olympics his crazed play is outlawed he would be
      ejected from most games
      in the NHL he is barely
      penalized and nothing is done because of his "physical"
      play and that hes "good" for the game LOL

    • Do you even watch the guy play an entire game or just the highlights?

      Seriously if all you do is go on the tv in the morning and watch the highlights, then YOU get real.

      If you ever watch OV play an entire game, you will know that he always does this. This is how Washington, always seems to blow/or barely hang on to leads.

      I was using the one game as an example.

    • I bet Ovechkin has a restraining order against Mark. I guarantee Mark has an obsessive compulsive disorder over Ovechkin. Mark was probably caught masturbating and fantasizing in the bush looking through Ovechkins bedroom window. The only thing Mark can do since he is under house arrest is trash talk his obssesion on Yahoo.

    • Why should anyone listen to a diaper sh*tting, 52 year-old deadbeat grandpa who pretends he has hockey knowledge. Your a failure at life Mark. Do everyone a favor, find a noose and hang yourself. .

    • pull your head out of your ass mark...hes currently the best player in the game....this was obviously coming sooner or later

    • you're an idiot and you clearly have no concept of what a captain in the nhl is or does. captains lead by example and just incase you don't watch hockey, ovechkin is pretty much the epitome of someone who plays their heart out on every single shift regardless of the score. just because he makes the odd bone headed play like sticking a knee out doesn't make him a bad leader. he plays on the edge with extreme exuberance and sometimes goes overboard but thats fine because its not like nhl players are sheep. they play follow the leader, not monkey see monkey do. so please STFU.

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      • yes keep defending the idiot OV you will have
        alot to defend just cause Ovech wears the C
        dosent make him a leader and he will continue
        his crazy behavior as long as fans like you
        think hes great and overlook his dangerous play!!!
        no loss OV please go back to Europe the NHL
        can and will survive w/o OV the Hockie Wonder
        Ovech is the Tiger Woods of the NHL and its sad
        you can swear at me call me names but it doesnt
        change the truth!!!

    • I was just thinking the same thing, a bunch of fantasy nuts, (myself included), discussing if one of the greatest players around is leadership material, pretty darn funny when you think about it..........

    • Ovie is the best thing that has happened to hockey. If it wasn't for him there wouldn't be half the fans out there that would care about hockey. He should be captain because he controls how they play,when hes not in the lineup they play like a different team.

    • First: he is the best player in the world...experts who arent 52 and spend all night on these posts, AND change their favorite team when they move have said it over and over.
      Second: hes been the leader of that team for years, and if youd had read up, youd know that Boudreau (the coach, not the manager) asked the PLAYERS who to name, and they said Ovi hands down.
      Third: A dirty player - "goon"- is someone who only 'fights' when he can get the drop on someone right after a faceoff before the other guy has a chance to even square up = Crosby (I dont like to hack on other players, but at least 2 of you asked for it)

      And Third: the guy speaks poor english...if your gonna judge him word by word, than youve already decided you dont like him cause he plays for DC and you wish he played for your team (im not claiming he isnt arrogant...but he isnt disrespectful, and if I was the hands down best player in the world at my respective sport, id be arrogant too)

      Dont be so unbeleivably bitter...or are you hung up on the playoffs from last year NYC?????

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      • READ MY LIPS!!!
        I do not care if he is popular with his team
        Im originally from Pittsburgh and the PENS
        have won three Cups with great talent not intimidation
        and attempting to injure
        anyone that trys to justify OV's behavior is partly to blame
        for his insane attitude
        the NHL would not miss him there are plenty of talented
        players in the league this is not Golf LOL

    • The original story on Yahoo said that the decision was made by GM George Mc Phee and Coach Bruce Boudreau who then informed the team of the decision. Now Yahoo says that Ovechkin said he would accept the responsibility if his team mates wanted him to. Kinda makes you wonder how much input his team mates actually had in that decision doesn't it.

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